Computer-assisted implantology

Dental implants - highest precision

Thanks to computer-assisted diagnostic and implantology (surgical navigation technology) the precise positioning and anchoring of dental implants is now possible. Already in the pre-planning phase the condition of the patient's bone tissue and the ideal position for the implant can be individually determined.

Safety & Quality

For many years we have been providing a high level of safety and quality thanks to this technology, which facilitates the optimal positioning of implants on every level and axis. Computer-assisted implantology also allows for a gentler anchoring of the implants. Thus the duration of the natural healing process can be greatly reduced. 

Computer technology cannot replace experience and expertise 

Even if some doctors and companies specializing in implants try to suggest the exact opposite: the best computer technology cannot replace the long-time experience and expertise of a trained surgeon.
The current trend of an increasing number of inexperienced doctors operating with the help of computer-assisted technology is alarming and results in much higher risks for the patients.


Caution and reservation are also recommended where immediate loading is propagated, especially if the final dentures are created before the insertion of the implants and fixed onto them immediately after the anchoring!


In the wrong hands computer-assisted implantology can also impair the longevity of the implants, if a necessary bone augmentation is circumvented with this technology and the implants lack proper anchorage.