Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a complex field, which concerns itself with various diseases and the challenges posed by functional and aesthetic irregularities. In all this the anatomical and functional complexity of the face and jaws has to be kept in mind. We strive for the preservation and improvement of the patient's quality of life. Equally important is an enhancement of facial and dental aesthetics. Anomalies of the jaw bone can be detrimental to the overall appearance. However, our patients can benefit from our interdisciplinary approach and treatment that combines both plastic and maxillofacial surgery. Basically, our patients can choose between treatments in local anaesthesia (with or without sedation) and treatments in general anaesthesia. 


Dental implantology is a central focus of ours in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery: dental implantology
The most up-to-date treatments allow us to fix crowns and bridges onto stable implants, even if the patients are suffering from a loss of bone.

Especially our elderly patients benefit from our extensive experience in minimally invasive and carefully executed operation techniques.
Apart from the recuperation of the functionality and comfort of chewing, aesthetic considerations become increasingly important in the fields of periodontology and implantology. Exposed necks of teeth, the correction of tooth space through one implant or, in the case of more substantial gaps, with several implants, often require a plastic-surgical moulding of the gums where the frontal teeth in the upper jaw are visible. In this context our patients benefit particularly from our modern, micro-surgical, aesthetic-plastical and periodontal surgical techniques.


Dental anomalies can have an extremely negative effect on a person's appearance. Our patients therefore benefit even more from our interdisciplinary observation and treatment methods.






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