Your own efforts won't do the trick? 

 Despite a healthy diet and sufficient exercise many people are troubled by persistent deposits of fat. These problem areas can have a detrimental effect on one's ideal body shape or even on one's general sense of wellbeing and energy level. Special diets and sports may contribute to an overall weight reduction, but the amount of fat cells (lipocytes) that are disproportionately distributed throughout the body cannot be reduced that way. In cases of long-term adiposity they may even lead to serious general illnesses which can significantly affect one’s quality of life.

We can help you

Deposits of fat can be permanently removed with the help of targeted liposuction. We speak of body contouring when the body is sculpted by having liposuction performed on several key areas. Our team also provides important complementary support regarding diets, nutrition supplements and exercise therapy. 

Liposuction: Body Contouring – not Weight Reduction

The main purpose of liposuction is the aesthetic contouring of the body and not a radical loss in body weight. In cases of increased adiposity each treatment should ideally be accompanied by a sustained change in eating habits and targeted movement therapy. Our specialists are happy to consult you on these issues. 

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Liposuction can be performed on all areas of the body – from head to toe. In the case of larger deposits of fat, the neighbouring regions usually have to be remodelled as well to guarantee aesthetic proportions and smooth transitions.

The following problem areas are most frequently treated:

Surplus fat in the face and neck area, such as double chins and flabby cheeks, can be easily and successfully removed. In some cases it may be recommendable to perform liposuction on the male or female breast.  Elderly women prefer the removal of sagging fat deposits in their arms.

The belly area (upper and lower abdomen, flanks) is most frequently treated with liposuction.

Other problem areas that can easily be treated are the back, the hips ("saddlebags" or "riding breeches"), and the waist. Buttocks are frequently remodelled in connection with liposuction performed on the hips. Thighs are both treated on the inside and outside.   Knees, lower legs, and ankles are further problem areas to which liposuction has been applied successfully.

Liposuction and Adiposity

With the help of liposuction we can increase the mobility of young people, but also of the elderly. For these patients it can be a real blessing to ease their everyday movements through liposuction. Thus, the reduction of especially unwelcome fat deposits can substantially raise the quality of life. A welcome side effect is the increased motivation of the patients to continue with other measures to permanently reduce their weight.  

Cellulite (Cellulitis, Zellulitis)

Cellulitis very often is visible in females. The aesthetic appearance of this phenomenon usually also is improved by liposuction.


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