General Business Conditions for Patients from UK

The following points are assumed for an operation date (treatment agreement):


1. Acceptance of our General Business Conditions.


2. A comprehensive one-to-one consultation clarifying the method and extent of the operation planned is to be carried out at least one day before all surgical treatments. The fee for this consultation is EUR 50.


3. The appointments for consultation and operation are determined between Miramed and the patient and have to be agreed in writing or verbally prior to the sending of the registration form. Confirmation of these appointments is sent to the patient after receipt of the signed form including the clinical surgical clearance (see 4.) and receipt of the advance payment of the fee (see 6.).


4. Operability of the Patient: A certification of surgical suitability from your doctor for operations under anaesthetic and a haemogram prior to liposuction under local anaesthetic have to be sent to MiraMed at least 35 days before the operation (a fax is also sufficient). The necessary readings should not be more than 3 weeks old before booking.


5. The fee is calculated according to the pricelist valid at the date of operation. The most precise calculation of a quotation can be made after a check-up. Photos can also help to draw up a prior calculation of costs (please send by post or e-mail in JPG. or PDF. format). Additional costs of up to 15% in comparison to the quotation are possible when considering variables such as, for example, longer anaesthetic, longer stays.


6. Method of Payment: Advance payments of 50 % on the sum mentioned in the quotation must be made at least 30 days prior to the agreed operation date to one of the following accounts: 

- Dr. B. Peter, Salzburger Landes-Hypobank,  Bank Code  55 000,  Account No.  204 095 738  or

- Dr. B. Peter, Sparda-Bank München eG,  Bank Code  700 905 00,  Account No.  181 60 63


7. The patient shall also pay any possible costs for additional necessary treatments (laboratory, ECG, etc.). All deviations resulting from differences in services are charged to the patient in our centre (cash in euros or by cash card, EC, Diners, Visa or Eurocard)..


8. If you decide to cancel your booking, we must be notified of the decision in writing (e-mail, fax or letter). The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received. The following scale of charges will be payable depending on when the notification of cancellation is received before the confirmed operation date:

> 30 days - 100,- Euro

> 29 - 15 days - 10 % of the total procedure cost

> 14 - 10 days - 30 % of the total procedure cost

>   9 - 3  days - 50 % of the total procedure cost

> 2 - 1 days or on absence without leave - 80 % of the total procedure cost


The reimbursement of the advance payment takes place completely if it was no fault of the patient him/herself (illness, accident, death in the family) and against a document from the public health officer or authority.

Corsage: Tailor-made corsages and elastic garments shall be paid in any case on cancellation.


9. If we have to cancel or significantly change your booking, we will contact you to discuss this and you can choose to rearrange your procedure with us (and pay or receive a refund of any price difference) or cancel your booking and get a full refund. However, we will not pay compensation in these circumstances and are not responsible for any losses or expenses you suffer as a result of circumstance beyond our control. We do not assume any liability for the trip, accommodation and other occurrences.


10. When the registration form has been signed, you are confirming that you have understood and accepted these General Business Conditions.


11. Place of jurisdiction is Salzburg, Austria.