The Procedure

After a great deal of deliberation you have decided to have surgical treatment at the MiraMed clinic, which will be carried out by our team. You have got in touch with us and received a quotation. You should now make an appointment for a consultation and treatment date by contacting the registration office at MiraMed. Consultations usually take place at least one day before treatment.


You can now download the Registration Form. Please fill it in and send it by post or fax to MiraMed. Click here for our postal address and fax number.

We will send you an official confirmation of your appointments after receipt of the signed form, clinical certification of your surgical suitability and customary advance payment of the fee.


We require written confirmation of your surgical suitability i.e. from your doctor prior to carrying out operations under anaesthetic. This certification has to be sent to Miramed at least 35 days before the operation. If these check-ups are to be carried out by MiraMed then a time period of maximum 3 days has to be planned for this operation (regardless of the type of tests and check-ups).


An advance payment of 50 % of the OP costs is due prior to treatments or operations.

Advance payments must be paid into one of the following accounts at least 30 days prior to the agreed surgical appointment:

- Dr. B. Peter, Salzburger Landes-Hypothekenbank, 

Bank Code  55 000,  Account. No.  204 095 738,  (AT895500000204095738  /  SLHYAT2S)    or


- Dr. B. Peter, Sparda-Bank München eG, 

Bank Code  700 905 00,  Account No.  181 60 63,  (DE87700905000001816063  /  GENODEF1S04)


All deviations resulting from differences in services are charged to the patient on leaving our centre (cash in euros or by cash card, EC, Diners, Visa or Eurocard).


You receive a guarantee on our medical services. More details can be found in our General Business Conditions.


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