Skin Smoothing, Lipofilling, Botox Injections

Wrinkles – an unmistakable sign of aging

Not only is wrinkling accelerated by hereditary factors, but also by external influences such as insolation, smoking and one's personal lifestyle. Undesirable wrinkles can be effectively corrected using aesthetic plastic surgery. We apply various methods to smooth the skin, depending on a patient's age, the wrinkle depth, and other parameters. As injectables we only use biological substances that are well tolerated. Special skin treatments have a revitalizing effect on the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. 


Wrinkles are often increased by dental, oral and maxillo-facial complications. 


Various solutions

Depending on the appearance, type, and location of the wrinkles, several treatments are used to smooth the skin. We distinguish between the administration of substances in creams and ointments, injectables, skin repair methods, muscle relaxation (Botulinum Toxin), chemical (Peeling) and mechanical (Dermabrasion) removal of skin layers, special light and laser therapies and surgical procedures (from subcisions to liftings, such as face lifts and lid corrections).  
Your appearance regains its youthful freshness and vitality with these treatments. There are basically five different options to attain the desired result.


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