Course of the Operation

Liposuction is carried out using the worldwide safest and most successful technique at present. Our method can be performed as a routine operation on all healthy, adult patients from 18 to 80. The surgical procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia. If required, we additionally administer drugs to counter fear and anxiety symptoms and help the patient relax. Under local anaesthesia small incisions are made at the treatment site and the excess fat is removed through fine tubes. 


Each patient receives a special elastic garment directly after treatment, which has to be worn at all times for a few weeks. 


How successful is liposuction?

As with every operation, there are also certain risks involved in liposuction, such as infections, haemorrhages, damage to nerves or blood vessels, thromboses, embolisms, or an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic. Numerous clinical trials, however, have shown that our technique comes with a very low complication rate. 

We can thus almost always attain high-quality results, which are recognisable after just a few hours or days. This guarantees a high satisfaction level and leads to a fast recovery of our patients. A final evaluation of the result is only possible after 4-6 months, when all swellings have finally receded. Many patients are able to do sports just a few days after the operation. Since fat cells (lipocytes) cannot grow back, liposuction definitely produces a permanent result. 


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