Publikation: Behandlung bei Nichtanlage der seitlichen Schneidezähne

Optimizing esthetics for implant rehabilitation in maxillary lateral incisors aplasia: multidisciplinary considerations and 7 years follow-up case report.

Especially in the esthetic zone the management of dental agenesis is best achieved by an interdisciplinary team approach. The realisation of individually optimized rehabilitation outcomes is depending foremost on early diagnosis and the coordination of appropriate orthodontic, prosthodontic and oral-maxillofacial surgical handling options.

Due to modern reconstruction techniques the final completion with single-tooth implants meanwhile represents the treatment of choice, independent of initial situations with local hard and soft tissue deficiencies. Prerequisites for esthetically optimized long-lasting results of implant-supported restorations are the establishment of a stable bone foundation and soft tissue profile as well as the proper 3-dimensional implant placement.

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