Publikation: Piezosurgery-assisted sliding genioplasty: a method for reduction of complications. Review and case report

The anterior mandible is generally considered a relatively safe surgical site for performing osteotomies. Nevertheless, the increasing rate of surgical interventions also has raised the reported complications. Careful preoperative planning and surgical approach are necessary to prevent damage to vital anatomic structures. The most frequent complications after genioplasties result from damage to neurovascular structures.

 The present article attempts to review the neurovascularization of the anterior mandible, taking account of typical anatomic variations and considering specific complications as well as therapeutic consequences. Piezosurgery is introduced as a safe and precise technique to reduce the complication rate and to improve the treatment outcomes of genioplasties. Conventional chin osteotomies are performed with bone drills, saws, and chisels. In comparison to these traditional instruments, the piezoelectric device is a lot easier to control and much less aggressive, creating only minimal damage to soft tissues. Accordingly, piezosurgery provides increase in the safety of osteotomies, especially concerning nerve and vessel injuries.

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European Journal of Plastic Surgery  Volume 33, Number 4, 183-187, DOI: 10.1007/s00238-010-0428-2